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Books - Книги
Handbook for Aeroflot's Air Traffic, year 1949

96 pp plus large fold-out map, 146 x 220 mm, RU
Moscow, 1949
Aviation in the Service of the Fishing Industry

140 pp, 155 x 229 mm, RU
Redizdat Aeroflot
Aeroflot - Air Traveler


140 pp, 127 x 163 mm, RU
Publishing House 'Transport'
Moscow, 1967 - 100,000
a Day with Aeroflot

This book was published in preparation for the 50th anniversary of Soviet civil aviation. It describes one routine day in several illustrated articles: The Story of Aeroflot - Flights originating on the ground - Welcome to Aerograd - Bridging great distances - Auxiliary aircraft on the job - Linking lands and peoples - The new generation carries on - Book I, book II, book III - Graduation to airmanship - With the party leading - Science challenges the skies.

152 pp, hardcover + dustjacket, 225 x 298 mm, EN*
Novosti Press Agency Publishing House
Moscow, 1973
*also in Russian (День Аэрофлота) 40,000; and in French (une Journée d'Aéroflot)
Aeroflot Soviet Airlines
Speed and Comfort, the fastest means of international and intercontinental travel

Large photo album in Russian - English - French. The book starts with a short intro about Aeroflot's historical development. After the intro, the book is fully illustrated with some short captions giving a good impression of Aeroflot's diversity.

252 pp + 1 double fold-out, hardcover, 264 x 293 mm, RU-EN-FR
Planeta Publishers
Moscow, 1977 - 25,000
Soviet Civil Aircraft and Helicopters

Overview of the aircraft produced in the Soviet Union and available for export. It starts with the aircraft of the Antonov design bureau: An-26, An-30, An-32. Next are the aircraft of the Ilyushin design bureau: Il-86, Il-62M, Il-76T. The Tupolev design bureau: Tu-144, Tu-154B, Tu-134A. The Yakovlev bureau: Yak-40, Yak-42. And helicopters by the Mil bureau: Mi-6A, Mi-8. For every type it gives general technical data and performances with photos, cabin lay-outs and top, front and and side views with dimensions.

72 pp, hardcover, 245 x 245 mm, EN
Aviaexport USSR Moscow, 1978
Aeroflot Soviet Airlines

Ten years after the previous large Aeroflot photobook, this new book was published in dual language Russian-English. There are 4 chapters: 1. Flying anywhere any time, 2. Serving the national economy, 3. Catering for technological progress, 4. Making the whole world neighbours. All chapters have short texts and lots of photos showing Aeroflot in all its roles.

248 pp, hardcover + dustjacket, 220 x 273 mm, RU-EN
Planeta Publishers
Moscow, 1987 - 22,000

Survival guide for flight crew by the Ministry of Civil Aviation

68 pp, hardcover, 145 x 215 mm, RU
Publishing House 'Air Transport' Moscow, 1988 - 39,500
Loading and Unloading Machines and Equipment at Airports of the Civil Air Fleet

220 pp, hardcover, 154 x 223 mm, RU
Aeroflot Publishing Department, Moscow, 1962
USSR Air Code

100 pp, 106 x 138 mm, RU
MGA Publishing Department, Moscow, 1966
Loading and Unloading Machines and Equipment at Airports of the Civil Air Fleet, second edition

312 pp, hardcover, 157 x 220 mm, RU
Redizdat MGA, 1968
Fundamentals of Organization and Management of Flights of the Civil Air Fleet

380 pp, 150  x 220 mm, RU
Redizdat Aeroflot Moscow, 1963
Wings of Tatarstan

232 pp, hardcover, 153 x 221 mm, RU
Tatar Book Publishing House, 1985 - 4,000
Nizhny Novgorod Air Fleet

156 pp, 139 x 196 mm, RU
Nizhny Novgorod, ГИПП "Нижполиграф", 1993 - 6,000
Bags and Suitcases - Сумки и Чемоданы

'Model 58' blue shoulder bag decorated with a Tu-104 flying across the globe. It was made by the Москва Кожгалантерейная Фабрика №3 (Moscow Leather Factory N°3) in 1965. Price was 3 Ruble 50 Kop. It still has its Aeroflot cabin luggage label attached.

360 x 220 x 90 mm

'Fly By Airplanes' says this gold-colour plastic shopping bag decorated with the supersonic Tu-144. All text is entirely in Russian with 'Aeroflot' titles on all sides. The bag has no label.

350 x 440 x120 mm
undated, 1970's

'Aeroflot Soviet Airlines - speed, comfort and traditional Russian hospitality'.

x  x  mm

Decorated with a Tu-154 on take-off, this plastic shopping bag has both Russian and English text. Both sides show on top and bottom 'Soviet Airlines' and 'Aeroflot is at Your Service'. In the middle it says on one side 'Aeroflot Soviet Airlines' and on the other side in Russian 'Aeroflot is at Your Service', again. It's because in the Soviet Union, Aeroflot was not known as 'Soviet Airlines', it was simply Aeroflot. The bag has no label.

330 x 410 x 120 mm
undated, 1970's

Small shoulder bag made in Kiev by the 'Leather Goods Factory'  (ММП  УССР КИЕВСКИЙ ОЕП МЕСТПРОМ ФАБРИКА КОЖГАЛАНТЕРЕЙНЫХ ИЗДЕЛИЙ) in 1977. It was the year that the Tu-144 started commercial passenger flights. Price for the bag back then was 4 Rub. 85 Kop.
Goods inspection: г. ИРПЕНЬ, ТУРГЕНЕВСКАЯ 25

265 x 190 x125 mm

Faux leather shopping bag decorated with Aeroflot Soviet Airlines and Il-62M titles. The Il-62M is shown with its landing gear down and the world map in the background.

350 x 440 x120 mm

Scale Models - Масштабные Модели

approx. 425 mm x 395 mm

Tu-104 prototype CCCP-L5400 model made of porcelain or metal? on an acrylic glass base.

The aircraft length 197 mm and width 190 mm. The height with the base 170 mm.

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