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East Siberia CAD
Воцточно-Сибирское УГА

Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (RSFSR)
East Siberia CAD domestic routes map, early 1970s
Eastern Siberia

12 pp, 102 x 220 mm, EN
Eastern Siberia

8 panels (16 pp), 100 x 220 mm, EN
Lake Baikal

20 pp, 200 x 200 mm, RU
Lake Baikal

12 pp, 238 x 220 mm, EN
Come and See Baikal!

12 pp, 235 x 215 mm, FR
Aviareklama, ca. 1983
The Irkutsk Land

This photobook has two full page photos:
  • Passengers boarding Tu-104A 'CCCP-42460' at Irkutsk airport. This 104 was in service from March 1960 until 1980. Note the driveable stairs have stylized markings 'Irkutsk' on the side.
  • Siberian Air Sloggers  - Mi-4A 'CCCP-35209' flew from June 1963 until 1978. At least 3 AN-2's in the background.

112 pp plus dustjacket, 231 x 178 mm, RU-EN-FR-GE
Publishing House 'Soviet Russia'
Moscow, 1970 - 50,000
Чита - Chita
Иркутск - Irkutsk
Улан-Удэ - Ulan-Ude
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