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The flight attendant is not an easy but beautiful profession (however, it is also not easy to always look good at work). Every day, flight attendants work in the air, taking care that we are good in flight. On World Day of the flight attendant of civil aviation,

The first flight attendant in the Soviet Union was 20-year old Muscovite Elsa Gorodetskaya. Her first flight was on 5 May 1939 on the route Moscow - Ashgabat. The 21-seater PS-84 planes were flying this route with two intermediate stops. Officially the job of 'stewardess' did not exist yet and Elsa was hired as a storekeeper.
At that time, only women no taller than 162 cm and no more than 52 kg were accepted as flight attendants and they had many responsabilities. Before each flight, she had to clean the cabin by herself, buy food at an airport restaurant, get thermoses with boiling water, pack them together with dishes in a suitcase and bring them on board. In flight, the flight attendant prepared sandwiches and made tea for the passengers.
For two months, Elsa Gorodetskaya was the only stewardess in the USSR until more started to appear on other flights.

In 1941, the Aeroflot personnel went to the war front. The country needed military pilots, mechanics, flight engineers,..cCivilian flights almost ceased completely in the Soviet Union sky. Regular passenger air routes were quickly restored and already in 1946 the longest air route was Moscow - Sverdlovsk - Novosibirsk - Irkutsk - Chita - Khabarovsk, about 7000 km. The entire route took two days and it was only possible to fly in daylight hours. Aeroflot's longest international route was Moscow - Kuybyshev - Dzhusaly - Tashkent - Termez - Kabul, 3900 km and took more than a day. In th same year, the first flight attendant uniform was introduced.
Международные Билеты - International Tickets
Aeroflot issued ticket on 15 July 1957 for a one-way flight Moscow - Berlin on 16 July 1957 on flight DH 603 (Deutsche Lufthansa). Total price 593,50 Rub

The front cover of the folder is decorated with an Il-14 flying above the Moscow Kremlin, inside it gives information for the passenger and shows the cabin lay-out for Il-12 and Il-14 and a description of your seat. The folder contains the following items:
- issued airline ticket
- money exchange ticket
- luggage label 'Tu-104' Aeroflot
- postcard Tu-104 Aeroflot

about the folder:
G 299056 signed print 29 August 1956, Order 3376, Order of Lenin Printing Press 'Pravda' newspaper, named after I. V. Stalin, Moscow Pravda Street 24.
Moscow, 1956 - 100,000
Passenger Ticket and Baggage Check for 2 carriers
Moscow - Prague - Moscow, xx-06-1973?

8 pp, 194 x 100 mm, RU-EN
plus a yellow 'Control Card' (Boarding Pass) Aeroflot flight SU-141 (185 x 72 mm)
and a Boarding Pass for CSA flight OK-890 (68 x 108 mm)
Passenger Ticket and Baggage Check issued by Aeroflot Soviet Airlines, Official Olympic Carrier

Frankfurt - Moscow - Colombo - Moscow - Frankfurt, 06-1980

10 pp, 219 x 83 mm, RU-EN
Ticket folder including a luggage label, an info leaflet, a sheet with luggage regulations, a letter for complaints or suggestions
Билеты - Local and All-Union Tickets
Ticket issued by the Volga directorate for flight 154 from Chistopol to Kazan on 13-04-1976
Ticket and baggage receipt issued by the Leningrad directorate for flight  SU8613 from Leningrad-Pulkovo to Simferopol on 9-xx-1978. Price is 39 Rubles
Information Sheets - Информация
An information sheet for passengers was passed on in the cabin on Aeroflot international flights. Such a sheet was common on many airline companies and even today, some airlines use it.
The Aeroflot flight info sheet mentioned following information:
date, flightnumber, route, captain's name, flight attendant's name, type of aircraft and registration, flight altitude, outside and inside temperatures, speed and a more detailed flight plan with intermediate stops and times

All examples here are from the early 1960s. The first one is from aboard an Il-14 flight, the others from Tu-104 flights
Information sheet, 28 March 1961

On board flight SU-125 Moscow-Kiev-Bucharest-Sofia on 28 March 1961 operated by Ilyushin Il-18 CCCP-75714
Captain: G. V. Bulanov
Cabin attendants: Maya Novikova, Gerta? Zorkina, Sveta Bolotina
Flight altitude: 7000 m
Outside Temperature: -41°C
Inside Temperature: +18°C
Weather: Fine
Speed: 650 km/h

Il-18V 'CCCP-75714' with manufacturing date 22 February 1960 had originally a cabin for 78 passengers, later converted to 89 passengers. After more than 19 years of flying, it was taken out of service 17 December 1979. It made 12,579 flights totalling 34,998 flight hours.
Information sheet and boarding card

An incompletely filled in information sheet from a flight Sverdlovsk - Moscow and a boarding card.
Luggage Labels - Багажные Этикетки
Identification tag for groups

150 x 77 mm
Gash Bag

137 x 275 mm
Dinner Time

Large plastic cup with paper insert decorated with the Aeroflot logo and an Il-62 in flight. 70 kopeks

diameter 75 mm x height 114 mm

Small plastic cups with paper insert decorated with the Aeroflot logo. 25 kopeks

diameter 54 mm x height 63 mm

Porcelain cup with a Tu-114 flying over the country and on the backside the Aeroflot logo (faded). Made by the Dulevo Porcelain Factory.

diameter 67 mm x height 78 mm

Porcelain espresso cup with golden edges and the Aeroflot logo. Made by the Leningrad Porcelain Factory named after MV Lomonosov.

diameter 65 mm x height 55 mm
Inflight magazine 'Soviet Airlines' - Бортовой Журнал 'Советские Авиалинии'
Published 4 times a year from 1976(?) until 1990 in 5 languages: Russian, English, French, German and Spanish.
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