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33,843 sq. km

2,544,000 (1960)
3,696,000 (1990)
Aeroflot Moldavia CAD domestic routes map, early 1970s

12 pp, 100 x 220 mm, EN
ca. 1964

8 panels (16 pp), 100 x 220 mm, EN
Central Advertisement and Information Agency of the USSR ministry of civil aviation
ca. 1970

6 panels (12 pp), 110 x 230 mm, RU

12 pp, 200 x 185 mm, RU
Aviareklama, 1985
Travel the USSR - Moldavia

8 pp, 200 x 185 mm, RU

8 panels (16 pp), 140 x 201 mm, GE
Aviareklama, 1987
Кишинёв - Chisinau
Aircraft Monuments - Авиапамятники
An-10 CCCP-11161
Chisinau, 1975 - 1995

The An-10 was in summer 1975 installed in the courtyard of school number 17. The idea was to make a Museum of 'Aviation and Cosmonautics' inside. Because of vandalism by school students and local residents, the aircraft was moved and installed as an aviation monument in the Долина Роз (Valley of the Roses) Park in the spring of 1977. Here it became the youth cafe "Liner". In 1995 it was burned and subsequently dismantled.
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