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North Caucasus CAD
Северо-Кавказское УГА
Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (RSFSR)
North Caucasus CAD domestic routes map, early 1970s

'Many poems have been written about the Caucasus, because it is a very poetic land. It is beautiful in a different way at
the different seasons and even at a different time of day. The Alpine meadows, snow-capped mountains, quiet and clear
streams and tranquil valleys are only two hours flight time away from Moscow by the Tupolev jet.'

Northern Caucasus

12 pp, 200 x 186 mm, RU
Timetable of movements of trains and planes, 1974-75

Contains the timetables for Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Mineralnye Vody and Sochi airports (90 pp), from 26 May 1974 until 30 May 1975

196 pp, 108 x 140 mm, RU
Rostov-on-Don, 1974 - 25,000
By airplane to the North Caucasus (Самолетами по Северному Кавказу)

Series of 11 Aeroflot calendars published for the year 1977 by ЦАВС СКУ ГА. Each calendar portrays a city of the Northern Caucasus. Also the phonenumber to book tickets is printed.

58 x 90 mm
ПК 13641-13651 РФЦП-1840
Series of double folded Aeroflot calendars published for the year 1979 by ЦАВС СКУ ГА. Each calendar promotes a city or region of the Northern Caucasus to fly to.
Анапа - Anapa
1934, scheduled passenger flights from Krasnodar to Anapa launched.
1960, An-2 & L-200 Morava operations start. Flights to Krasnodar, Novorossiysk, Gelendzhik. Less than 10 airport staff with only one radio station.
1965, Anapa airport’s building constructed (see left). Allows An-24. Flights to Moscow, Kerch, Donetsk, Kharkiv, Sukhumi.
Due to increased traffic, airport relocates to suburb, near Vityazevo village where it still operates. Now accommodates An-10.
1969-1976, construction of new military airfield with 2,500-m runway is launched near Vityazevo. It was kept secret due to military purposes of the facility.
1970, Vityazevo airport honors 100,000th passenger.
15 April 1974, An-24V performs first regular passenger flight to Vityazevo.
July 1976, Vityazevo airport officially opened. New terminal can handle up to 70 daily flights originating from around 50 domestic airports.
1977, Тu-154s commence flights to Vityazevo airport.
1988, independent from 1st Krasnodar United Air Group, separate class-III airport under North Caucasian CAD. Installation of SP-80M landing system, ICAO cat I.
In 1991, airport traffic 6,828 takeoffs and landings serving 439,600 passengers. During summer season the airport handled up to 52 flights operating at full capacity.
Астрахань - Astrakhan
Краснодар - Krasnodar
Timetable for summer season 1967, valid from 20 May until 14 November

This booklet was wrongly compiled, hence 16 double pages (p 17-24 and p 25-32) and 16 others missing (p 9-16 and p 33-40). Aircraft in use: L-200, An-2, Il-14, An-24, An-10, Il-18.
Майкоп - Maykop
Минеральные Воды - Mineralnye Vody
Caucasian Mineral Waters (КМВ)

12 pp, 100 x 220 mm, RU
Passenger reminder
How to get to Mineralnye Vody Airport

4 pp, 117 x 172 mm, RU
Pyatigorsk, 1965
Caucasian Spas

20 pp, 200 x 200 mm, EN*
* also in Russian
Mineralnye Vody Airport 60 Years 1925-1985

Brochure opens up to a poster

8 panels (16 pp), 145 x 213 mm, RU
1985 - 1,500
Short timetable for planes, trains and buses, summer season 1961

This booklet contains the timetable of Mineralnye Vody airport (Li-2, Il-12, Il-14, Il-14M, An-10, Il-18, Tu-104A, Tu-104B) from 15 May until 14 November 1961,  and for Kislovodsk airport from 15 May until 10 November 1961 (L-200, An-2, Il-14).
Нальчик - Nalchik
This postcard shows Hotel 'Russia' (Гостиница Россия) in Nalchik. On the roof stands a large billboard of the Tupolev logo and a Tu-104 flying over the Caucasus mountains. Underneath it says 'Быстро Удобно Выгодно' or 'Fast Convenient Favorably'. 1971 - 50,000
Ростов-на-Дону - Rostov-on-Don
Passenger reminder - 1964
Rostov-on-Don airport Civil Air Fleet

This leaflet has extra printing with info by the North-Caucasus CAD (СКУ ГВФ). The same leaflet can be found on the USSR page but without the extra printing for Northern Caucasus CAD.

4 pp, 108 x 167 mm, RU
Aeroflot Advertising Office Item N° 330
First Model Printing House named A. A. Zhdanov Order N° 850

7 panels (14 pp), 100 x 210 mm, RU
Rostov-on-Don, 1972 - 36,000

16 pp, 160 x 216 mm, RU
Aviareklama, 1980 - 40,000

Contains tariffs for flights from Rostov-On-Don airport; travel regulations; list of health resorts with their nearest airport or landing place, aircraft description and travel times from Rostov plus 32 empty agenda pages.

76 pp incl 2 fold-outs, 95 x 142 mm, RU
Flight on airplanes - a pleasant journey

"Aeroflot passenger aircraft provide maximum comfort to passengers"
Contains tariffs for flights from Rostov-On-Don airport.

3 panels (6 pp),  x  mm, RU
Timetable of movements of passenger trains, aircraft and buses
from 15 May until 15 November 1967

68 pp, 103 x 140 mm, RU
1967 - 100,000
Timetable of movements of trains, planes and buses 1968

Contains the timetable for Rostov-on-Don airport (6 pp), from 15 May until 15 November 1968

68 pp, 102 x 142 mm, RU
Rostov-on-Don, 1968 - 150,000
Timetable of movements of trains, planes and buses 1969

Contains the timetable for Rostov-on-Don airport (10 pp), from 15 May until 14 November 1969

84 pp, 100 x 145 mm, RU
Rostov-on-Don, 1969 - 100,000
Timetable of movements of trains, planes and buses
from 15 May till 14 November 1970

84 pp, 100 x 146 mm, RU
1970 - 100,000
Timetable of movements of trains, planes and buses 1974

Contains the timetable for Rostov-on-Don airport (22 pp), from 1 June 1974 until 31 May 1975

132 pp, 104 x 144 mm, RU
Rostov-on-Don, 1974 - 130,000
An-10 CCCP-11157

This An-10 entered Aeroflot service in 1959 and flew with several departments until it was transferred to the North Caucasus Department in 1964. It was decommissioned in 1973 together with the other operational An-10s. In 1974 it was installed in the children's park and used as a children's cinema. In 1987-88 it burned and was dismantled.
postcard, 1982 - 50,000
Rostov-on-Don, a short guide

Fold-out picture titled 'At the city airport'. Passengers boarding brand new Il-18B CCCP-75672. This Ilyushin performed its first passenger service on 20 April 1959 from Moscow-Domodedovo to Alma-Ata (Almaty); On 22 June 1961, flying from Moscow to Sochi, #3 engine generator failed causing engine fire, the IL-18 force-landed in a field near Bogoroditsk (Tula region), all 8 crew and 89 passengers escaped unhurt. It was provisionally repaired on-site and ferried to Riga where it was used as ground instructional airframe by the Riga aviation institute (RKIIGA); t/t 2,299 hours and 818 cycles.

160 pp plus fold-out, hardcover, 117 x 170 mm, RU
S. M. Markov, Rostov Publishing House
Rostov-on-Don, 1959 - 10,000
In the Region of the Quiet Don

With a full double page 'Rostov Airport - The air gate of the Caucasus'. Tu-134A CCCP-65660 and Tu-124V CCCP-45029. In the background Yak-40 and some more Aeroflot planes.

168 pp, hardcover, 213 x 296 mm, RU
Publishing House 'Planeta'
Moscow, 1976 - 20,000
Сочи - Sochi

12 pp, 100 x 215 mm, EN

20 pp, 200 x 200 mm, RU
Pension Aeroflot, Sanatorium Type

3 panels (6 pp), 100 x 210 mm, RU
Association of North-Caucasian health resorts of Civil Aviation
'New Planes Serve on Air Lines'

'New Soviet turbo-prop many passenger planes "IL-18" have, on April 20, started to serve on the Moscow-Adler air Line. Direct flight from Moscow to Adler, without landing places, takes about three hours.'
Plane "IL-18" on the Adler airfield.

Photo N° 404610 by S. Preobrazhensky
Fotokhronika TASS
Moscow, April 1959

'The airport in Adler is the air gate to the resort'.

An Il-14 CCCP-L15xx standing on the tarmac.

230 pp, hardcover plus dustjacket (missing), 210 x 263 mm, RU (photo captions also in EN)
State Publishing House 'Art'
Leningrad, 1959 - 150,000
Владикавказ - Vladikavkaz (Ordzhonikidze 1931 - 1944 & 1954 - 1990)
Волгоград - Volgograd (Stalingrad 1925 - 1961)

10 Feb 1933, Stalingrad Squadron created, based at airport near railway station Voroponovo
1935, squadron receives PO-2, C-1, C-2, Po-2, I-6 & PR-5 planes. 1936, Moscow-Voronezh, Stalingrad-Astrakhan with Stahl-3 planes. 1937, cargo flights with 4-engine G-2 planes. 1938, Moscow through Stalingrad to Astrakhan, Baku, Ashkhabad with PS-40, PS-84 & PS-89 planes
1940, flights to Elista, Uryupinsk, Mamyshin, Nikolaevsk, Serafimovich,...1941-1943: War; Voropono airport stops, personnel to war front; Sep 1942, Nazis occupy military airfield Gumrak, built concrete runway and use it for their military operations; Soviets recapture Gumrak Jan. 1943 and later that year rebuilding and first operations start
1950, restart flights to all pre-war destinations. 1952 AN-2 flights begin; decision to transfer airport from Voroponovo to Gumrak airfield. August 1957, 231 ATO operates AN-2, Li-2 and Il-14. 1959, building of Terminal-200 (see left)
early 1960s, flights to Moscow, Rostov, Kiev , Astrakhan, Novosibirsk,... personnel 900 people. 1964, new runway completed, AN-10, Il-18 operations. 1971, new terminal-700 in operation. 1972, Tu-134 & Yak-40 operations
1986, Yak-42 operation starts; 1988 runway extension to 2,500m
Hero-City Volgograd

12 pp, 100 x 220 mm, RU

This neat little booklet has two pictures of Volgograd airport where a crowd is watching the planes come and go. On the second picture we see An-10A CCCP-11223. It started flying in 1961 with the Moldovan CAD, 3 years later it was transferred to the North Caucasus CAD. In the background two Il-14s.

36 pp, softcover, 160 x 150 mm, RU-EN
Lower Volga Publishing House
Volgograd, 1966 - 50,000
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