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Aeroflot Soviet Airlines
Aeroflot 1974 booklet
Aeroflot overview for year 1974 in Russian

32 pp, 290 x 210 mm, RU

condition: good but a few pages were stuck together (white spots on top of the page, see photos)
Aeroflot leaflet: "This You Need to Know!"
Mandatory rules for air transport passengers

2 pp, 286 x 203 mm, RU
1978 - 500,000

condition: creased, see photos
Aeroflot Ural brochure 1964
Aeroflot in the Ural region with local routemap. Excellent design

6 panels (12 pp), 100 x 216 mm, RU

condition: very good
IL-62 brochure
Aviareklama, ca. 1970

3 panels (6 pp), 210 x 290 mm, RU-EN

condition: good, crease at lower corner
Kamov 18 brochure
Published by V/O Avtoexport in the late 1950's, from pre 'Aviaexport' times

4 panels (8 pp), 110 x 291 mm, RU-EN-FR

condition: MINT
Lenticular pocket calendar Aeroflot 1973
Lenticular (3D) pocket calendar of 1973 with a Tu-144

100 x 70 mm

condition: near mint
Intourist - Soviet Travel
Nalchik brochure 1930s
16 pages

condition: very good
Odessa brochure 1930s
16 pages

condition: mark in middle of front cover, otherwise very good, rusted staples
Rostov-on-Don brochure 1930s
16 pages

condition: good, rusted staples
Sochi brochure 1930s
16 pages

condition: very good , rusted staples
Visit the USSR brochure 1930s
60 pages filled with 26 travel itineraries throughout the Soviet Union. Excellent photos and maps

condition: front page creased and torn at the staples; inside all pages have a water stain on a top corner
Yalta, the Pearl of Crimea brochure 1930s
16 pages

condition: very good, rusted staples

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