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Tupolev Tu-154
38 years in Aeroflot service 1972 - 2009
The TU-154 can advantageously replace any aircraft now in service on the world's air routes propelled by jet or turbojet engines, because it outclasses them in technical features and in economic flight performance.  
from an Aviaexport sales brochure, 1968

  • Assembly of the prototype and a static test airframe began in 1968 at MMZ N°156 'Орут', the Tupolev OKB's experimental plant in Radio Street, Moscow.

  • About 1025 Tu-154s of all versions were produced at factory N°18 at Kuibyshev/Bezymyanka (now Samara)

  • In total about 627 Tu-154s have flown in Aeroflot service between 1972 and 1991 and afterwards 42 in Aeroflot Russian Airlines between 1992 and 2009.

  • Thu 3 October - prototype 'CCCP-85000' makes its first flight from Moscow/Zhukovsky (after disassembly, transport to the flight research institute at Zhukovsky and re-assembly)
  • Sun 25 May - 1st appearance at the 27th Paris/Le-Bourget Airshow, exhibit code 828. By then 'CCCP-85000' had logged about 100 hours in 43 flights
  • May - start of route proving flights, carrying mail and cargo from Moscow to Tbilisi, Simferopol, Sochi and Mineralnye Vody.
  • Sat 5 February - The Minister of Civil Aviation,  Boris P. Bugayev signs the order that approves the Tu-154 for passenger transport.
  • Wed 9 February - 1st Aeroflot revenue flight SU-709 Moscow/Vnukovo-1 - Mineralnye Vody (Aeroflot's 49th anniversary) by 'CCCP-85016'
  • Sun 2 April - 1st Aeroflot scheduled international flight  (Moscow - Berlin/Schönefeld)
  • Wed 11 June - 1st flight of the new version, Tu-154M. The prototype was the converted Tu-154B-2 'CCCP-85317', taking off from Kuibyshev.
  • Mon 16 July - 1st flight of the first newly built Tu-154M,  'CCCP-85606' from Kuibyshev/Bezymyanka. It was the second Tu-154M prototype.
  • Sun 25 May - Debut at the 27th Paris/Le-Bourget Airshow of Tu-134A 'CCCP-65624', exhibit code 827, together with Tu-134 'CCCP-65617'
  • Thu 31 December - last Aeroflot revenue flight SU-736 from Yekaterinburg to Moscow

A model of the new Tu-154 on the cover, a 'fourth generation' airliner. General description, technical specifications, the power system: three NK-8-2 jet engines, and structural specifications like airframe, fuselage, aerofoil, tail unit, landing gear and a final chapter about piloting. The pictures of the prototype CCCP-85000 in the brochure are taken at Moscow/Vnukovo-2 in December 1968. The prototype's large nose wheel well door clearly visible.

16 pp, 271 x 205 mm, EN
V/O Aviaexport

Cabin lay-outs for a 158 - 164 seats economy cabin  (seat pitch 750 mm), a 146 - 152 tourist cabin (seat pitch 810 to 840 mm) or a mixed lay-out for128 passengers of which 24 in first class and a cargo version.

2 panels plus 2 half panels, 270 x 205 mm, FR*
V/O Aviaexport
*also in EN

28 pp (plus 1 errata), 290 x 216 mm, EN
V/O Aviaexport Moscow USSR
Tu-154, Tupolev 154 Medium-haul Jetliner

3 panels (6 pp), 235 x 80 mm, FR-RU
Aviareklama, ca. 1973

3 panels (6 pp), 220 x 98 mm, RU-EN-FR

2 pp, 205 x 290 mm, RU
V/O Aviaexport USSR Moscow
V/O Aviaexport presents the Tu-154

12 pp, 230 x 230 mm, GE
Soviet Export, May 1968
Tupolev 154 Medium-Haul Jetliner

4 pp, 262 x 175 mm, RU-FR

3 panels (6 pp), 205 x 295 mm, RU-EN

4 panels (8 pp), 140 x 200 mm, RU-EN
Aviareklama, ca. 1973

3 panels (6 pp), 270 x 159 mm, FR-GE
Aviaexport Moscow USSR

'The model exhibited at the 33rd International Exhibition of Aeronautics and Space is equipped with the new NPK-154T steering and navigation equipment designed jointly by A. Tupolev and the French firms Thomson-CSF and SFIM.
The electronic dials in color for steering and navigation systems, replacing the traditional electromechanical instruments, the use of on-board computers and a weather radar to provide additional information to the crew in the most difficult weather conditions, giving the Tu-154B the essential qualities of the new generation of airliners.'

3 panels (6 pp), 239 x 164 mm, FR
Aviaexport Moscow USSR

3 panels (6 pp), 240 x 165 mm, SP
Aviaexport USSR Moscow

2 pp, 200 x 286 mm, EN
Aviaexport USSR Moscow, 1977

6 panels (12 pp), 136 x 270 mm, RU-EN
International Routes of the Tu-154

12 pp, 228 x 215 mm, EN

6 panels (12 pp), 134 x 290 mm, RU-EN

6 panels (12 pp), 134 x 290 mm, RU-EN
International Air Routes of the Tu-154

12 pp, 239 x 218 mm, GE
ca. 1979
The Tu-154 International Routes

'The world of human pastime is diverse. Much has to be seen, learnt and done. Small wonder therefore that our contemporary, the man of the 20th century, who is always in a hurry, values every hour and every minute. How should one save precious time, how should he make a better and more interesting use of it?' '
Having a high cruising speed, the TU-154 will deliver you from one part of the globe to another in no time.'

12 pp, 231 x 215 mm, EN
Aviareklama, undated

4 panels (8 pp), 140 x 200 mm, RU-EN
Aviareklama, 1986

4 panels (8 pp), 140 x 200 mm, RU-EN
Aviareklama 1988

4 panels (8 pp), 140 x 200 mm, RU-EN
Aviareklama, 1989
Turbofan Engine NK-8-2

20 pp, 205 x 290 mm, EN
V/O Aviaexport USSR Moscow
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