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Soviet Union

22,402,200 sq. km

196,716,000 (1941)
170,548,000 (1946)
209,035,000 (1959)
293,047,571 (1991)
This page contains timetables for Aeroflot routes within the Soviet Union. For Aeroflot international routes timetables, go to here
Civil Aviation in the USSR

Booklet by the USSR Civil Aviation Association. The Association is a merger between Dobrolet, the Volunteer Aviation Co. and the Ukrainian Air Navigation Co. in 1930. The booklet shows the air traffic development from 1923 until 1930 and describes all the air lines currently operated and new developments. The second half of the booklet shows the passenger, freight and luggage fares on the different routes followed by their timetables, including those of Deruluft. The name 'Aeroflot' was only adopted in 1932 and is not found here.

28 pp, 148 x 223 mm, EN
USSR Civil Aviation Association
USSR Chamber of Commerce
Exportizdat, 31st Printery - Moscow, 1931
Timetable, Winter 1937-38

42 pp, 140 x 195 mm, RU
Moscow, 1937

Timetable, March 1944

This wartime timetable was for administrative use and shows the all-union flights for March 1944 .Then the Soviet were defeating the German occupiers and regaining territory in Ukraine and parts of Byelorussia.

36 pp, 120 x 81 mm, RU
GUGVF, Redizdat Aeroflot
Moscow, 1944

Summer 1949, 5 April - 5 October

94 pp, 145 x 220 mm, RU
Moscow, 1949
Summer 1949, 5 April - 5 October

76 pp, 145 x 220 mm, RU
Moscow, 1949
Timetable 1962, 15 May - 14 November

Dispatchers timetable

156 pp (16 removed, so total was 172 pp), 146 x 213 mm, RU
ГУГВФ, 1962
Timetables for local air routes - Расписания для местных воздушных линий
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