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Aeroflot's role in the Soviet Union was so important for the country, it's only natural that its aircraft appear in many movies, and not only Soviet ones. Such movies are presented here together with some information about the aircraft. Non-Soviet airliners that sometimes appear in the same movies are not mentioned.

Many of these Soviet films are unknown to a non-Russian speaking audience and some are really hidden gems and worth watching even without understanding the language. The list here has only been started so it will continue to grow ... Enjoy!
Soviet movies
Советские Филмы - Soviet Movies          1960 - 1990
Королевская Регата (The Royal Regatta) 1966

Soviet wide-screen movie by Mosfilm from director Yuri Chulyukin. 91 min.
The student rowing team of the Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI) is defeated in the competition. The coach abandons the team and takes the best rowers with him. The remaining athletes decide to build a new team, and the leadership of the institute appoints them a new coach - a teacher of hydrodynamics. Persistent training and overcoming all obstacles, the team fulfills their dream to participate in the 'royal regatta', held in East Germany. The Soviet team takes an honorable second place, losing to the hosts.

Scenes at the Moscow-Sheremetyevo terminal building and the airfield, with Natalya Kustinskaya (playing Alyona, a stewardess) and Valentin Smirnitskiy (Vasya) show the following planes: Tu-104B 'CCCP-42493', two An-10s, one of them is CCCP-11143 and later also An-10 CCCP-11211. At some point in a room, several large aircraft models are in the background, among which a Tu-114 and a Mi-4.
Стюардесса (Stewardess) 1967

Soviet b/w short feature film directed by Vladimir Krasnopolsky and Valery Uskov based on a story of Yuri Nagibin. The premiere of the film took place on October 28, 1967 on Central Television. It was awarded the Special Jury Prize of the 6th International Film Festival in Prague (1969). 31 min.
Stewardess Olga (played by Alla Demidova) is working on a domestic Il-14 flight. She's in love with a geologist and became a stewardess to have an opportunity to meet him occasionally on a remote Siberian airfield.

In the opening scene of the movie An-10 CCCP-11170 can be seen taxiing out with many planes in the background. Other Soviet liners seen are Il-14P CCCP-61751, Il-14M CCCP-41886, Tu-124 CCCP-45023, Tu-104B CCCP-42414, IL-18B CCCP-75884 and a Li-2. Most of the movie is filmed inside the cabin of an Il-14.
Ещё Раз Про Любовь (Once Again About Love) 1968

Soviet b/w movie directed by Georgi Natanson based on a play by Edward Radzinsky '104 pages about Love'. The premiere of the film took place on May 21, 1968. It was awarded the . 96 min.

The film is based on a play by Edward Radzinsky ‘104 pages about love’. Radzinsky was deeply impressed by the tragedy of the crash of Tu-104A CCCP-42362 on 17 October 1958 in which the crew of 9 and all 71 passengers lost their lives. The plane was only 2,5 months old and was flying Beijing – Omsk – Moscow when it came down due to severe turbulence and crashed in the forest, near Apnerka railway station 27 km west of Kanash (Chuvashia). As a result, the maximum flight level of the Tu-104 was limited to 9,000 meters, elevator deflection expanded and stabilizer deflection limited.
The movie is an intriguing love story about a flight attendant and a scientist and contains several scenes shot at the airports of Sochi, Alma-Ata and Moscow-Vnukovo. The video here shows 2 separate airport scenes.
Several planes appear in the movie among which the following were recognized: An-24B СССР-46274(?), Il-18V СССР-75521, Il-18V СССР-75853, Il-18V USSR-75881, Il-18V USSR-75817, Il-18V USSR-75887, IL-18V USSR-75510 and Tu-104B USSR-42499
Мировой парень (The Cool Guy) 1971

Soviet action-drama feature film by Belarusfilm from director Yuri Dubrovin. 76 min.
The young specialist of the Minsk Automobile Plant, Victor Loginov, is sent for the first time on a foreign business trip in order to demonstrate the advantages of a Soviet MAZ truck. A potential customer, an Arab company, organizes a rally for the competing trucks. The race track is difficult and dangerous through the mountains. The main professional driver of the Soviet team, Otar, falls ill, and Victor is forced to take his place. While in hospital, Otar instructs Loginov.

In a scene the main character, Victor Loginov (played by Nikolay Olyali) is at the airport (Minsk ?) departing with An-10 CCCP-11158. Other aircraft seen in the movie are an Il-18, Il-14, Tu-134, Yak-40s and an An-24.
Разрешите взлёт! (Let's Take Off!) 1971

Soviet full-length black and white film by Lenfilm Studios from the directors Anatoly Vehotko and Natalia Troshchenko . The film premiered in the USSR on June 19, 1972. 96 min.
On the steppe airfield, a new pilot Dimka Solomentsev (Semyon Morozov) arrives. It's time for the old pilot Sakhno (Anatoly Papanov) to switch over to the dispatcher service. When an Il-14 cannot get its right main landing gear down, the experienced pilot, Sakhno, helps the crew to land the plane.

The film features a large number of An-2 aircraft: An-2R CCCP-02460, An-2R CCCP-06357, An-2R CCCP-06375, An-2R CCCP-25585, An-2R CCCP-33275, An-2TP CCCP-35027, An-2P CCCP-35516, An-2TP CCCP-40547, An-2R CCCP-41392, An-2 CCCP-85927; Yak-12 CCCP-62626 and CCCP-44351 and IL-14 CCCP-91612. The crash scene of An-2P CCCP-35516 was made by hanging it under an Mi-10K and to drop it. Photos of how this footage was shot were published in Flieger Revue magazine(GDR). The working title of this film, which is also the title of the book on which it was based ,was 'Пилот первого класса' ('First class pilot'). The IL-14 was flown by the crew of the honoured Soviet pilot, Mikhail Stepanovich Kuznetsov.  The main actor, Semyon Morozov, recalls that at the request of the Minister of Civil Aviation, Boris Bugaev, from all copies of the film already sent out, footage was cut out where the hero of Morozov works with chemicals to the waist bare because 'According to the statute is not allowed!'
Полёт начинается с земли (The flight begins from the ground) 1980

Soviet two-part film by Armenfilm Studios from directors Nerses Hovhannisyan and Rafael Khostikyan. The film premiered on TV in Yerevan on October 18, 1980. 131 min.

The action takes place at the provincial airport, where the now-famous pilot arrives, starting his journey from here. Much of this narrow-world little world is now alien and incomprehensible to him.
The film features many airport scenes and Yak-40s steal the show: СССР-87453, СССР-87628, СССР-87908, СССР-87614, СССР-88157, СССР-87912, СССР-88262. Also Мi-8 СССР-25646, Аn-2 СССР-15979 and another An-2 fuselage is seen. All scenes were fimed at the small Kapan airport, Armenia.
Соло для слона с оркестром (Circus in the Circus) 1976

Two-part Soviet-Czechoslovak comedy by Mosfilm and Filmové studio Barrandov, Czechoslovakia from director Oldřich Lipský. The film premiered on February 5, 1976 in Prague and May 17, 1976 in Moscow. In the USSR, the film was watched by about 25 million people. 131 min.

The international circus jury is coming to Moscow to select the best act for the World Festival of Circus Art. At this time in the capital there is an International Conference on the language of animals. Czech professor Ruzicka, confident that any beast can be taught to speak and sing, goes to the circus, where the contest is held...
The movie opens with a scene at Moscow/Domodedovo airport. Tu-114 CCCP-76467, Il-18B CCCP-75673, Il-62 CCCP-86875, and a Tu-154 CCCP-85037? can be seen. Also a Tu-134 and An-22 in the background. Then a Tu-104A, repainted for the movie in Aeroflot colors with fake registration CCCP-87786 (it is actually OK-LDC) followed by a Tu-104A in Alitalia colors. It also had a fake registration I-DIWN and acted as a DC-8-62. Only the left side was painted in full Alitalia colors and the right side remained in ČSA colors with its original registration (OK-NDF). Also seen, a CSA Il-62, a LOT Il-18 and several western airliners.
Дама с попугаем (Lady with a Parrot) 1988

Soviet romantic comedy from the Dovzhenko Film Studios by director Andrei Prachenko. 99 min.

Every year Sergey Alekseevich Zverev goes on holiday at the Black Sea coast. He pretends to be a wealthy playboy with imported clothes, a tape recorder, camera and stories of traveling the world as a pilot. He's the 'irresistable man that no Soviet woman can withstand'. But then he genuinely falls in love with a strange woman with a parrot in a cage. She's not particularly keen to get acquainted, but she's happy to talk about her son - an excellent student who was even shown to a professor from the Novosibirsk Akademgorodok.
After his holiday Sergey, who actually works as an aircraft technician at Sheremetyevo-2, returns home and tries to find the woman. He gets help from the parrot, constantly repeating the address of her and her son, who turns out to be a hooligan.

Several scenes filmed at Moscow-Sheremetyevo, aircraft seen are: Tu-154B-2 CCCP-85567?, Tu-154B-2 CCCP-85365, Tu-154M YA-TAR?, Air Koryo's Il-62M P-885, another Il-62M, an Il-76, a Tu-134 and several western aircraft, even a British Airways Concorde.
Не Советские Филмы - Non-Soviet Movies
Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi (Player of Players) 1996

Indian action film By Umesh Mehra. 192 min.

The film is about a deadly game of survival in the ruthless world of crime and sleaze.

There's a scene [34:10 - 37:53] recorded at the Moscow State University of Civil Aviation (МГТУГА) at Moscow-Sheremetyevo (N55.985830 E37.443211) with the actors dancing around and on top of the wings of Il-86 CCCP-86003 and Tu-154B-2 CCCP-85327. The Tupolev was scrapped by August 2012 and the Ilyushin three years later in June 2015.
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