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' ...the aeroplane can land practically on any spot selected from the air, irrespective of whether it is muddy soil, a snow-clad clearing or even a ploughed field.'

from an An-14 sales brochure
Aeroplane An-14 'Bee'
The aeroplane designed by O. K. Antonov for short-haul routes

12 pp plus 2 transparent overlays,  290 x 205 mm, RU-EN-FR
Aviaexport USSR Moscow
Aircraft An-14 'Bee'

3 panels (6 pp) - 110 x 215 mm - GE
Aircraft An-14 'Bee'

8 panels (16 pp) - 110 x 294 mm - RU-SP
Aviaexport USSR Moscow
Aircraft An-14 'Bee'

2 pp, 200 x 294 mm, FR
Aviaexport USSR Moscow

The Antonov 14, named 'Pcholka' (Bee), was conceived around 1955 to answer Aeroflot's requirements for a small utility aircraft capable of STOL performance.
  • 3 prototypes built by factory 473 at Kiev-Svyatoshino.
  • First flight 14 March 1958, many alterations were made to the basic design and it only entered production and service in 1965.
  • Total series production of 340 built by 'Progress' factory 116 at Arsenyev in the Soviet Far East between 1965 and 1971, most of them for the Air Force.
  • Maximum passenger capacity was eight passengers and the aircraft was also available as a flying ambulance, taking six stretcher patients, or as a crop sprayer.
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