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Il-14P, The aircraft with high flight safety

There are 2 almost identical versions of this sales brochure, but one page differs

24 pp plus 3 transparent overlays,   x  mm, GE
Aviation Industry Administration, Pirna
V/4/59-3 (ln 2241/56) 24597
Aircraft engine ASh-82T

16 pp, 298 x 210 mm, GE
Propeller AV-50

4 pp, 211 x 300 mm, GE
Fashion shoot with Avia Av-14 (Il-14) CCCP-52016. This Av-14, line-number 25, was delivered to Aeroflot Estonia in early 1957 as CCCP-L-2016. In 1975 it was transferred to the Arkhangelsk CAD until it was taken out of service in 1980.

Siluett 1960-1961
48 pp, 333 x 248 mm, ES
Tallinn, 1960

Scene from the movie 'Let's Take Off!, 1971. Il-14 landing without its right main landing gear. CCCP-91612
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