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Aircraft An-2

12 pp, 295 x 220 mm, RU
Machinoexport USSR Moscow, ca. 1956

20 pp, 265 x 200 mm, EN
V/K Aviaexport Moscow USSR

3 panels (6 pp), 210 x 100 mm, EN*
* also in GE
Specialized Agricultural Aircraft An-2M
2 pp, 291 x 200 mm, RU
Agricultural Aircraft An-2M

Three language Aviaexport brochure presenting the new An-2M, the agricultural version of this highly popular aircraft. The An-2M is based on the experience gained in more than 17 years of An-2 operation. It is designed for various aerial-chemical applications in agricultre and forestry, like fertilizing, crop feeding, pest control, weed killing, defoliating and desiccating cotton plants.

16 pp, 270 x 205 mm, RU-EN-FR
Aviaexport Moscow
Agricultural Aircraft An-2M

8 pp plus 1 fold-out, 217 x 222 mm, EN*
V/O Aviaexport, ca. 1964
* Also in RU
Specialised Agricultural Aircraft An-2M

3 panels (6 pp), 110 x 215 mm, SP
Specialised Agricultural Aircraft An-2M

3 panels (6 pp), 112 x 295 mm, RU-FR
V/O Aviaexport USSR Moscow
Ash-62M Engine

30 pp (incl. 1 fold-out), 290 x 205 mm, FR-SP
V/O Aviaexport USSR Moscow
Airplane An-3

4 pp, 220 x 291 mm, RU-FR-EN
V/O Aviaexport, 1987
An-2 album
15 years of operation of the An-2 in the national economy of the USSR

Album with a postcard and 21 b/w photos of different An-2 models

50 pp, 210 x 140 mm, RU
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