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Armenian SSR

29,800 sq. km

1,867,000 (1960)
3,545,000 (1990)

Your plane is speeding towards Yerevan. Look into the porthole and you'll see the Caucasian Range far below....Soon, to your left you'll get a glimpse of the azure Lake Sevan in its rocky bowl, and to the right, Mt. Aragats will raise its crystal helmet to an altitude of 4,095 m above sea level - and the plane will head for landing.
You will set your eyes on the wonderful land of the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic.

12 pp, 102 x 220 mm, EN
ca. 1962


Your journey to the unique mountainous republic of Armenia and domestic flights to Leninakan, Kafan and Kirovakan. Armenia's history and development during about 50 years of Soviet Armenia.

8 panels (16 pp), 100 x 220 mm, RU*
Aviareklama, late 1960s
* also in EN
6 panels (12 pp), 111 x 229 mm, EN


8 panels (16 pp), 142 x 201 mm, EN
Aviareklama, 1987


12 pp, 201 x 184 mm, FR

50 years Soviet Armenia - 1970

two photos at Yerevan airport

414 pp, hardcover (dustjacket missing?), 226 x 287 mm, AR-RU     
Publishing House 'Ayastan', Yerevan
Printed in Kiev, 1970 - 30,000
Ереван - Yerevan
Yerevan, What - Where

28 pp, 100 x 220 mm, RU

4 panels (8 pp), 137 x 200 mm, GE
Aviareklama, ca. 1979

4 panels (8 pp), 140 x 200 mm, RU

44 pp, 115 x 215 mm, FR
Aviareklama 1986
Zvartnots Airport

12 panels (24 pp), 115 x 228 mm, RU-EN
Erebuni Airport - Аэропорт Эребуни
Zvartnots Airport - Аэропорт Звартноц
For your air journey to Armenia, Aeroflot offers you the IL-18. The pleasantly appointed lounge, your soft-upholstered seat (each one is fitted with a folding table on which you may dine, place a portable type-writer, or just write), the uninterrupted supply of fresh air fed at a comfortable temperature and normal at-mospheric pressure, the diffused after-dark lighting —all this, together with the courteous service, will make your trip on one of these winged ships an unfatiguing and agreeable experience. Meals and soft drinks are served en route without charge, there are newspapers and magazines, and chequerboard games may be arranged. For the Armenian domestic lines there are the AN-2 planes, easy-riding craft that are just right for short distances.

'The city is also the skyway junction to places in Armenia proper, direct routes by air leading to Akhalkalaki, Basargechar, Berd, Goris, Djermuk, Yekhegnadzor, Kafan, Kirovakan, Leninakan, Stepanavan, Sisijan and other towns of the Republic.

A trip to Leninakan (second in size after Yerevan and 115 kilometres away) takes 30 minutes. Your plane, a comfortable AN-2, will carry you over the dimblue Ararat Valley. To the left you will see the Great River blending with the hazy distance; to the right, Mt. Aragats and the fantastic spurs and ravines of the Pambak Ridge. And there yonder is the Leninakan airport!...

A very interesting air journey is to Kafan, the home of the Armenian copper industry, on the eastern slope of the Zengezur Mountains and 235 km from Yerevan. Beneath the wings of your plane you will see the Varden Hills, and Zangezur and Borgushat ridges, spotted with alpine meadows and cut by foaming streams, with here and there a town or village nest-ling amidst expanses of orchards! This route from Yerevan to Kafan is flown by the AN-2 plane in an all-too-short hour and 15 minutes!

...Or a same AN-2 will whisk you 110 kilometres in 35 minutes from Yerevan to Kirovakan, situated on an elevation of 1,350 m at the meeting place of three mountain rivers. Kirovakan's economy is based on large chemical and textile plants and food preserves factories...
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