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Yakutian CAD
Якутское УГА
Airways of Yakutia

12 pp, 225 x 190 mm, RU
ca. 1983
River Lena

214 pp, 215 x 264 mm, RU
Publishing House 'Soviet Russia'
Moscow, 1979 - 50,000
Aviation in Yakutia

200 pp, 135 x 206 mm, RU
Yakutsk, 1985 - 5,000
Wings of Yakutia

168 pp, 173 x 240 mm, RU
Yakutsk, 1986 - 22,000
Якутск - Yakutsk
With an area of more than three million sq km, Yakutia takes in a large area of the eastern part of Siberia, stretching as far north as the Arctic Ocean. It is a mountainous region, except for the river Lena valley, and almost wholly covered by forests. The population is small and widely scattered. Climatic conditions for much of the year are severe in the northern and central parts with permafrost in most areas.
Regional transport has to rely on the great rivers, Lena, Yana and Kolyma during the short summer season when navigation is possible. As yet there are no railways in Yakutia, and roads are still rather limited in extent, radiating only from some of the larger towns such as Yakutsk, Lensk or Aldan. Air services are operated by Aeroflot’s Yakutia Directorate and are now the most important means of inter-regional communication. From the administrative capital Yakutsk, a fleet of An-24s, Il-14s, Li-2s and Yak-40s serves all towns and major settlements on a regular basis. An-24s were first introduced in 1967 to operate between Yakutsk and Mirnyy, Tiksi, Batagai, Ust’Nera and Aldan. On short-haul routes, single-engined An-2s and Yak-12s are extensively used, many operations being undertaken on an air-taxi type basis.
Aeroflot operates a considerable number of cargo services in the district. A fleet of An- 12s is at the disposal of Aeroflot Yakutia, and frequent flights are reportedly made to the growing towns of Mirnyy, Lensk, Ust’Nera, Aikhal, Deputatskiy, Batagai and the seaport of Tiksi.
Apart from services within Yakutia ASSR, Aeroflot provides regional services from Yakutsk to Krasnoyarsk, via Olekminsk, and to Khabarovsk. Nyurba and Mirnyy are now also linked with Krasnoyarsk, and the mining town of Aldan has daily services to Khabarovsk, Chita and Irkutsk. A new service between Tiksi and Chita began in May 1971.
In the northern parts of Yakutia within the Arctic Circle, Aeroflot’s Polar Aviation Directorate operates from the base airports at Tiksi, Chokurdakh and Chersky to the larger settlements on the mainland and also to offshore islands.

source 'Aeroflot Soviet Air Transport since 1923' by Hugh Macdonald, Putnam, 1975
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