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'. . . Washington, New York, Peking, Tirana, Budapest, Paris - wherever the TU-114 landed, it evoked admiration.'
The Tu-114 surpasses all the aircraft in the world in size, capacity payload, engine power and flight range.'

from a Tu-114 sales brochure
Passenger aircraft Tu-114

The Tu-114 won the highest award 'The Grand Prix' at the brussels World Expo'58 and designer Andrei Tupolev received a gold medal.

2 pp, 286 x 187 mm, RU-EN-FR-GE
Brussels World Expo 1958
Tu-114 USSR

Sales brochure with a double page cutaway drawing showing from front to back: a forward 41-seat cabin, cloakroom, 48-seat restaurant, a double-deck galley-pantry, 4 compartments for 24 seats, a rear cabin for 54 seats, a cloakroom and toilets. Lots of cabin illustrations including one with a stewardess in the cabin with a 'Raketa' vacuum cleaner, after all, this was the space age.

8 pp, 297 x 199 mm, EN-FR
V/O Avtoexport USSR Moscow

This brochure covers all aspects of the Tu-114, the world's largest airliner at that time. It refers to the Brussels 1958 Expo and the 1959 Paris Airshow. Artwork of a Tu-114 above the Moscow skyline, including the centerfold. Lots of photos and illustrations of the flightdeck, engines, maintenance and the passenger cabin, including a cutaway.

28 pp + 1 separate introduction page, 284 x 210 mm, RU-EN

"The Soviet airliner TU-114 is the largest passenger plane in the world! The simplest screw in it and the most complicated equipment have been made by the Soviet people and of Soviet materials. The TU-114 has no equals in size, turboprop engine power, payload and flight range, and it is an important contribution to world aircraft construction..."

3 panels (6 pp), 96 x 212 mm, EN

"...WELCOME FANS of passenger salons - female flight attendants will surround you with attention and care, will do everything to make the trip pleasant and fascinating. If you bought a ticket for sleeping, you can sleep at any time..."...For the smallest travelers there are cradles."
"On the world's largest inland track Moscow-Khabarovsk, Tu-114 takes on board 170 passengers, dozens of tons of baggage and cargo, covering a distance of 6800 kilometers for 8 hours without landing. Four-year practice of Tu-114 flights on the air lines showed that traveling on such an excellent ship is safe, convenient, profitable and tireless."

4 panels (8 pp), 96 x 220 mm, RU
Fly on Tu-114

"On the Highway to the East flies the air giant Tu-114. Moscow-Khabarovsk in 9 hours without landing! The spacious salons have 170 seats. TU-114 is unrivaled in size, performance and range. TU-114 will take you from Moscow to Khabarovsk 19 times faster than the train. From Khabarovsk to Moscow, the journey will take 9 hours 55 minutes. There are free lunches and breakfasts prepared by the masters of culinary art on board the aircraft."

2 pp, 172 x 265 mm, RU
Aeroflot Advertising Office

3 panels (6 pp), 211 x 100 mm, RU
Airplanes and Fashion

Illustration from a 1958 Soviet magazine published by the fashion department of the famous GUM store on Red Square, Moscow.
The photo was taken taken 5 years later, on Friday 8 February 1963. A group of young women is admiring Tu-114 'CCCP-76481'. It was the first visit of a Tu-114 to Great Britain. Later, it took off with a party of British businessmen on a goodwill weekend visit to Moscow at the invitation of Mr. Roy Thomson, Chairman of Thomson Newspaper.
The scene on the photo is strikingly similar to the magazine page.
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