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Komi CAD
Коми УГА
(Russian SFSR)
If you want to see where Europe starts, if you want to see where the North Polar Circle passes, fly to the Republic of Komi. Here are the largest forests on the continent, rich in animals, abundant mushrooms and berries. This ancient region is generous to legends, songs and fairy tales. Its natural wealth is incalculable. Coal of Vorkuta and Inta, Ukhta oil and Vuktyla gas flow from here day and night. The earth is thousands of thousands of years old. And to this day, the silence of many corners of it, is not broken, except for the whistle of snowstorms, thunderstorms and bird singing.

'It will not take many words to prove the great role of aviation in the development of this huge and difficult region. The planes linked the republic with the whole country in the fastest and most direct ways...Helicopters carried geologists along the taiga... Reindeer herding, wandering with their herds along the tundra, ceased to feel detached from the whole world. During spring floods helicopters carry children from villages to schools and back. Now it is unthinkable to imagine how they managed here without aviation only twenty or thirty years ago. Today, from the capital of Komi - Syktyvkar to Moscow, only two hours of flight in a soft chair of the AN-10. Pilots, navigators, flight controllers, flight engineers of aircraft - children of hunters, fishermen, children of peasants and lumberjacks.'
8 panels (16 pp),  , RU
Aviareklama, ca. 1970
Aeroflot Benefits
'Youth seeks to know everything, she wants to see everything, to go everywhere. But our country is so great, and there is so little time, because you have to go to exams, go home for vacation, and visit still unknown cities. And between them - hundreds and thousands of kilometers.
Aeroflot comes to the aid of youth. It gives her wings, cuts distances, saves time, turns a dream into a reality. In any city and district center of our country you can get on civil aircraft. Aeroflot provides great benefits.'
Published by the Ukhta district of the Komi ASSR informing students about a 50% discount on flights for winter season 1973-74 (changed in handwriting to winter season 1974-75).
4 pp, 115 x 155 mm, RU
8 panels (16 pp), 147 x 218 mm, RU
Aviareklama - 30,000

The Komi Region under the Wing
12 pp, 199 x 187 mm, RU
Aviareklama - early 1980s

A sunny day at Syktyvkar airport, two An-10s - a woman on the ladder getting on board, two crewmembers walking with their suitcases. On the terminal building four billboards, one of them of Lenin 'Welcome to our ...'
'Rotorwing workers of the North.'

168 pp + dustjacket, 227 x 257 mm, RU
Komi Book Publishing House
1970 - 30,000
Most of these calendars portray the indigenous people of Komi with traditional clothes. The symbol of the Aeroflot Komi division, a deer, is often present, not only on these calendars but also on the planes themselves.
Сыктывкар - Syktyvkar

From left to right:
  • 'The runway is always busy'. Passengers boarding Tu-134.
  • 'One of the conquerors of the Northern sky, pilot, hero of socialist labor, L. P. Zlobin'
  • 'Goodbye, our Syktyvkar!'
  • ' Winged Assistants - The Field Pollinators'.

Antonov 2R CCCP-35565 cropdusting the Komi fields. It started its 25 year career in May 1970 with the Komi CAD.

166 pp + dustjacket, 204 x 251 mm, RU
Komi Book Publishing House
1978 - 30,000
Воркута - Vorkuta

  • Now the sky of the tundra is difficult to imagine without helicopters and aircraft. They serve geologists, geophysicists, reindeer herders and fishermen. Regularly in the tundra flew agitation brigades, delivered fresh mail, mobile libraries, food.
    And you can imagine the joy of the toilers of the tundra, when they receive news from the 'Big Land'.
    Mil Mi-8T CCCP-22330 flew with the Komi CAD since June 1977. It was removed from the register in February 1996.
  • Mil Mi-4T CCCP-35218 was manufactured in 1963, it was registered 4 April of that year and flew with the Komi (VKT) until 1979 when it was removed from the register.
  • Antonov departing

168 pp hardcover, 225 x 298 mm, RU
Komi Book Publishing House
Syktyvkar, 1981 - 30,000
People in blue uniform enjoy special honor among the Komi. It's not for nothing that a lot of icons, issued here, next to the oldest form of transport - a deer - are depicted on the plane. Many air travelers, who made their way from the capital of the republic to Vorkuta, keep memorable medals - evidence that they crossed the Arctic Circle.
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