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Krasnoyarsk CAD
Красноярское УГА
(Russian SFSR)
Krasnoyarsk Territory
The cover shows part of the Krasnoyarsk electric power station. The large Krasnoyarsk Dam on the Yenisey River, 30 km upstream of Krasnoyarsk was constructed from 1956 till 1972. This large Siberian taiga region that used to be a barrier to travelers is now made easily accesible by Aeroflot airliners. In summer up to 180,000 passengers a month travel through Krasnoyarsk airport. In recent years direct air routes have opened to 16 cities of the USSR, including Riga, Ashkhabad, Frunze, Krasnodar, Volgograd, Vladivostok,... The region's aviators activities are diverse. They take part in the construction of hydroelectric power stations, oil and gas pipelines, protect forests from fires, help farmers, fishermen, reindeer breeders, geologists and scientists. Not far from the Yenisei, near the 70th parallel is the city of metallurgists and miners - Norilsk. The Aeroflot planes will bring you also to the town of Sayanogorsk.
4 panels (8 pp), 291 x 215 mm, RU
Aviareklama, ca. 1976-1980
Абакан - Abakan
Хатанга - Khatanga
Красноярск - Krasnoyarsk
Шушенское - Shushenskoye
Shushenskoye, Lenin Memorial Places
Aeroflot invites you to visit the village of Shushenskoye. Here Lenin stayed in exile for almost 1000 days between 1897 and 1900. In the village, the Lenin Memorial Museum is opened in 1970 for the 100th anniversary of his birth. 'Wherever you are, no matter in what remote corner of the country you live, Aeroflot planes will take you here in the shortest time. The air trip by Il-14 from Krasnoyarsk into Shushenskoye will only take a short time. On the air lines connecting Krasnoyarsk with the largest cities of the country, high-speed turboprop and turbojet airplanes TU-104, TU-114, IL-18, AN-10 and others fly. This fascinating and exciting journey will remain in your memory for life.'
18 pp (incl. 1 fold-out map), 100 x 220 mm, RU
Aviareklama, 1970
4 panels (8 pp), 138 x 200 mm, EN
Aviareklama, c. 1979
Shushenskoye, Lenin Memorial Places
4 panels (8 pp), 140 x 200 mm, RU
Aviareklama, 1986
Krasnoyarsk Region Central Siberia consists largely of the Krasnoyarsk region which stretches as far north as the Arctic Ocean. The western part of the region has the river Yenisei running north through its entire length, and this and the Trans- Siberian Railway are the main lines of surface communication.

Aviation has acquired great importance in linking up all major towns and settlements, because of the scarcity of surface transport. Aeroflot’s Krasnoyarsk Directorate maintains regular services throughout the region, with the administrative centre of Krasnoyarsk as its focal point. There are a number of industrial towns in the southern part of the region, among which Abakan is the most important. Up to fifteen flights a day are operated between Krasnoyarsk and Abakan, and frequent flights are also provided from Krasnoyarsk to Artemovsk, Shushenskoye, Achinsk, Kansk, Yeniseisk and Kezhma. Kyzyl, capital of Tuva ASSR, can be reached by air via Abakan.
Within Krasnoyarsk region, two trunk routes link Krasnoyarsk with the major towns of the north. One route extends to Tura and Yessei, the other to Norilsk by way of Pod’Tunguska, Turukhansk and Igarka. The service to Norilsk is a vital link for this growing arctic city of 130,000. It is reported that Norilsk radio informs intending passengers of the regularity of flights.

On Taimyr Peninsula, in the northern part of Krasnoyarsk region beyond the Arctic Circle, Aeroflot’s Polar Aviation Directorate maintains communication with the main settlements and kolkhozes from the base airports at Dikson, Norilsk, Khatanga and Nordvik.

Aeroflot’s Krasnoyarsk Directorate has a fleet of An-2s, An-24s, Il-14s, Li-2s and Yak-12s for short- and medium-haul operations. An-24s were first introduced in September 1964 to operate regular flights over the Krasnoyarsk—Abakan—Kyzyl route, which was in fact the first regular An-24 service in Siberia. As the number of An-24s was increased, regional services were built up to connect Krasnoyarsk with Bratsk, Kemerovo, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Novokuznetsk and Barnaul.

Long-distance flights are operated with a fleet of Il-18s serving routes from Krasnoyarsk to Moscow, Leningrad, Kiev, and Black Sea resorts. Because of its favourable geographical position, halfway between western and eastern USSR, Krasnoyarsk has achieved importance as a staging point for transcontinental air services. Aeroflot Krasnoyarsk is responsible for flights between Moscow and Mirnyy, Yakutsk, Blagoveshchensk, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and Petropavlovsk in Kamchatka, many of which have only the one intermediate stop at Krasnoyarsk.

Airport development at Yeniseisk made it possible to switch some transcontinental flights from Krasnoyarsk to Yeniseisk in 1973, thus taking over some of the traffic using Krasnoyarsk as a staging point. The Aeroflot Krasnoyarsk Directorate carried 2,480,000 passengers in 1969, plus 86,000 tons of freight. The network of all-Union air services stood at 50,230 km.

source 'Aeroflot Soviet Air Transport since 1923' by Hugh Macdonald, Putnam, 1975
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