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'The Yak-40 is the world's first regular-schedule jetliner using short earth runways'
Aircraft Yak-40

3 panels (6 pp), 291 x 205 mm, EN
V/O Aviaexport USSR Moscow
Vneshtorgizdat Order N°34352
Yak-40 Passenger Jet Aircraft

4 pp, 270 x 205 mm, RU*
V/O Aviaexport USSR Moscow
Vneshtorgizdat Order N°34582
*also in EN

3 panels (6 pp), 220 x 93 mm, RU-EN-FR

3 panels (6 pp), 209 x 295 mm, RU-EN
Yak-40 modern jet-age comfort, all field capability

32 pp, 357 x 234 mm, RU-EN*
V/O Aviaexport
*also in RU-GE
Aircraft Yak-40

26 pp (including 1 fold-out), 290 x 206 mm, EN
V/O Aviaexport USSR Moscow

6 panels (12 pp), 135 x 290 mm, RU-EN
Yak-40 in the spotlight

16 pp, 200 x 200 mm, EN*
Aviaexport, published by 'Soviet Export'
*also in FR (Yak 40, un avion plein de promesses)
Yak-40 Medium range jet

Folder (2 panels) containing a 12 pp brochure, 421 x 296 mm, EN
Aviaexport (Made in Germany)
Yak-40 Passenger jet aircraft for short and medium-haul operations

4 pp, 209 x 210 mm, FR
V/O Aviaexport USSR, 1977

3 panels (6 pp), 240 x 165 mm, RU*
Aviaexport, 1977
*also in EN
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