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'Through the broad windows of the helicopter flying at a speed of 160 km per hour, the passenger is able to admire the view of the city with its vast squares and large parks, magnificent architectural monuments and impressive new construction sites.'
Helicopter Mi-4

2 pp, 145 x 223 mm, RU-FR-EN-GE
USSR at the World Expo Brussels 1958
Helicopter Mi-4

4 panels (8 pp), 109 x 250 mm, RU-EN-FR
V/O Avtoexport, USSR Moscow
Helicopter Mi-4

16 pp, 230 x 335 mm, EN
ca. 1961
Helicopter MI-4

3 panels (6 pp), 96 x 212 mm, EN
Highlighted Dates

  • 13 November - Start of scheduled Simferopol - Yalta route, the first scheduled helicopter service in the USSR
  • 1 April - Start of scheduled Adler - Sochi flights, followed by flights linking Adler Airport to Gagra, Khosta, Lazarevskaya, and Gelendzhik
  • 17 November - As the first passenger, Khrushchev inaugurates Mi-4 shuttle flights from Vnukovo Airport to the Kremlin
  • 2 March - Begin of helicopter shuttle between Baku and Neftyanyye Kamni offshore oil 'city'
  • 20 July - Start of shuttle flights between the Moscow Central Air Terminal and Sheremetyevo Airport
  • 1 November - Begin of shuttle flights connecting Bykovo and Vnukovo airports with each other and Moscow
  • Later in July - Scheduled Mi-4P flights begin in Crimea and between all of Moscow’s airports, including the newest at Domodedovo
  • 11 June - Begin of scheduled service between Lvov and Truskavets
  • Late in the year - a 13-month old experimental airmail service between the main post office in central Moscow and the outlying airports is discontinued
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