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'The helicopter has a comfortable light four-seat automobile-type cabin with excellent view for the pilot and the passengers. The nice-looking colour scheme and trim of the cabin interior make the air trip on the helicopter pleasant for the passengers'

Excerpt from an Mi-1 sales brochure, 1961
Helicopter Mil-1

12 pp, 213 x 290 mm, RU-EN-FR
All-Union Association MACHINOEXPORT USSR Moscow
Helicopter Mi-1 "Moskvich"

4 panels (8 pp), 134 x 275 mm, RU-EN-FR
V/O Avtoexport USSR Moscow
ca. 1961
Helicopter Mi-1 "Moskvich" Model year 1961

12 pp plus 1 fold-out, 292 x 210 mm, RU-EN-FR
USSR V/O Avtoexport Moscow

Mi-1M "Moskvich" prototype; registration cancelled on 24 December 1975 (life-time expired). A Mi-1 with this registration is preserved in the Mil Helicopter Plant (MVZ im. Milya) at Tomilino (N55.66689 E37.92964).'

231 x 175 mm
original photo, archive Bruno Vandermueren
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