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Azerbaijan SSR

86,600 sq. km

3,894,000 (1960)
7,159,000 (1990)

18 pp, 100 x 220 mm, EN
ca. 1961

8 panels (16 pp), 100 x 220 mm, RU
Aviareklama, ca. 1969

6 panels (12 pp), 109 x 230 mm, EN
Aviareklama, ca. 1973

8 panels (16 pp), 140 x 200 mm, FR
Aviareklama, 1987
Soviet Azerbaijan

an image off several Il-14s at Baku airport, among them CCCP-L1772, CCCP-L1689 and CCCP-L13xx.

   pp, 240 x 302 mm, RU
Ministry of Culture of the Azerbaijan SSR
Baku, 1959 - 15,000
Баку - Baku
Moscow - Baku

Cabin lay-out for two Il-18 and two Il-14 versions is shown, although the text nowhere mentions the Il-14. Both the routing and comfort on board the Il-18 is described. The forests of the Moscow region...the central regions with buildings of collective and state farms, cities and workers settlements, the open spaces of the Voronezh region, the Volga river and Volgograd with the famous the left the ancient city of Astrakhan, Makhachkala, Derbent, to the right the Caucasian mountain range. On the horizon, oil rigs appear. After a three and a half hour flight, Baku welcomes you!

6 panels (12 pp), 87 x 205 mm, RU

4 panels (8 pp), 140 x 200 mm, RU
Aviareklama, ca. 1983


Four full-page pictures of the helicopter service from the city and at the airport scenes. Mi-4A CCCP-19208  hovering at the helicopter station.

248 pp, 225 x 285 mm, RU
Edition of the Department of Culture of the Baku City Council
1964 - 30,000
The Bird's Eye View of Baku
Baku from a Helicopter

Image of Baku airport with two Il-18s, one being CCCP-75790.

96 pp, 211 x 206 mm, RU
Department of Foreign Tourism under the Council of Ministers of the Azerbaijan-SSR
1973 - 30,000
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