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Московский Городской Аэровокзал - Moscow City Air Terminal
The complex was built on the Khodynka field. It included an air terminal with helicopter and bus stations, and two twelve-story twin buildings: the administrative building of the Ministry of Civil Aviation (MGA) and the Aeroflot hotel with 520 rooms. The hotel opened on 24 April 1964, the air terminal a year later, on 25 May 1965.

At the terminal, passengers had their luggage taken care of and registered their tickets. Then they travelled to one of Moscow's airports by express bus, taxi or helicopter directly to the aircraft. The terminal could serve up to 3000 passengers an hour and thus considerably unloaded the 4 airports. If the flight of the aircraft was delayed or postponed, transit passengers could take a tour of Moscow, visit the Tretyakov Gallery, get acquainted with the Borodino panorama, or watch a movie program in the cinema hall of the terminal. Тhere were large boards with departures and arrival information and in the hall were mock-ups of aircraft and helicopters where travellers could already become acquainted with their seat location.  These large aircraft models can today be found in Ulyanovsk.

The central (or Moscow) helicopter station opened in 1960, five years before the opening of the terminal, and continued working until 1971. From here, scheduled flights of Mi-4P and Mi-8 helicopters to Vnukovo, Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo airports were carried out.

The air terminal remained in full operation for over 25 years but in the 90's, after the break-up of the USSR, there was a huge drop in passenger numbers. Decline continued and by 2002 only a few flights were served. In 2004 the City Air Terminal was closed. Afterwards, it housed the shopping center 'Aviacity'. It was demolished in 2017.
Passenger Notice

4 pp, 105 x 175 mm, RU
Aeroflot Advertising Office, 1962
Moscow City Air Terminal
2 pp, 142 x 278 mm, RU
Moscow's In-Town Aviation Station

3 panels (6 pp), 100 x 220 mm, EN*
*also in RU
Moscow City Air Terminal

6 panels (12 pp), 100 x 221 mm, RU
Main Air Service Agency Invites

8 panels (16 pp) 100 x 220 mm, RU
Main Agency for Air Services

12 pp, 200 x 187 mm, RU
Аэропорт Домодедово - Domodedovo Airport
Survey work on the airport construction began in 1948, after decision of the Politburo. At that time, it was described as a special "facility №306". In 1951 the first preparatory construction work began.
13 November 1954, the resolution of the Council of Ministers approved the proposal of the Main Directorate of the Civil Air Fleet on the construction of the second airport of the Moscow civil air fleet near the village Elgazin Podolsky (now Domodedovo) Moscow Oblast. In 1958 a decree of the USSR Council of Ministers instructed to complete construction of the first stage of the airport in 1962.

In 1962 Order of the Head of Main Directorate of Civil Aviation issued on April 7 № 200 "On the organization of the Moscow Domodedovo airport" ordered to "organize as part of the Moscow Transport Aviation Management Directorate the new airport, and continue to call it the Moscow Domodedovo Airport. Therefore, April 7, 1962 is considered the official birthday of the airport. By the end of 1962, after the official approbation, the airport began send and receive postal and cargo planes.

Passenger services from Domodedovo began in March 1964 with a flight to Sverdlovsk by Tu-104. The airport, intended to handle the growth of long-distance domestic traffic in the Soviet Union, was officially opened in May 1965.

A second runway, parallel to the existing one, was put into service 18 months after the opening of the airport.
On 26 December 1975, Domodedovo Airport was selected for the inaugural flight of the Tupolev Tu-144 to Alma Ata.
The airport of Moscow-Domodedovo
3 panels (6 pp), 220 x 100 mm, FR
How to get to Domodedovo Airport

Directions how to get to Domodedovo airport from the City Air Terminal, Paveletskaya train station and several metro stations. How to get to the City Air Terminal.

2 pp,  x  mm, RU
How to get to Domodedovo Airport
2 pp, 148 x 61 mm, RU
Main Agency of Air Services - 300,000
Non-stop Flight on Il-62 aircraft
Moscow - Khabarovsk - Moscow

2 pp, 220 x 240 mm, RU
How to get to Domodedovo Airport
2 pp, 65 x 134 mm, RU
Main Agency of Air Services
Aэропорт Внуково - Vnukovo Airport
Vnukovo is Moscow's oldest airport in operation today. Its construction was approved by the Soviet government in 1937 because the older Khodynka Aerodrome was becoming overloaded. Vnukovo opened on 1 July 1941. During the Great Patriotic War, it was used as a military airbase; passenger services started after the war.

On 15 September 1956, the Tupolev Tu-104 jetliner made its first passenger flight from here to Irkutsk via Omsk.
The first passenger flights of the IL-18 (Moscow to Sochi/Adler on 20 April 1959) and Tu-114 (Moscow to Khabarovsk on 24 April 1961) were also made from Vnukovo Airport. In 1980, Vnukovo was expanded for the 22nd Summer Olympic Games.

In 1993, Vnukovo Airport became a joint-stock company. A massive reconstruction and strategic development programme commenced at Vnukovo International in late 2003, following the transfer by the Federal Government of the controlling stake in the airport to the Government of Moscow.
Passenger's memo, departing from the airport Vnukovo

Rules about handluggage, child ticket fees ... 'Boarding starts in 15 minutes and stops 5 minutes before departure. Before landing, passengers are notified by radio. When approaching the aircraft, stay away from the propellers, even if they do not turn.  When taking off and landing, moving in the aircraft is prohibited. At this time, you can also not smoke. To avoid damage to costumes, it is recommended that the fountain pens are not filled with ink for the duration of the flight.'

4 pp, 64 x 100 mm, RU
How to get to Vnukovo Airport
2 pp,  x  mm, RU
How to get to Vnukovo Airport

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How to get to Vnukovo Airport
2 pp, 117 x 174 mm, RU
Moscow, 1975 - 125,000
How to get to Vnukovo Airport

2 pp, 90 x 130 mm, RU
1983 - 600,000
How to get to Vnukovo Airport
2 pp,  148 x 68 mm, RU
Main Agency of Air Services
How to get to Airport Vnukovo

2 pp, 135 x 67 mm, RU
How to get to Airport Vnukovo

2 pp, 62 x 131 mm, RU
Main Agency of Air Services
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